Top Ten Posts of 2021

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Blogging isn’t quite dead yet. Here’s a roundup of which posts drew the most readers in 2021. There’s a happy mix of Septuagint, textual criticism, lexicons, and more. Thank you for your interest in what I’ve shared. I look forward to posting more in 2022! (Also check out my five least popular posts of 2021 here.)

Number Ten

What Should I Read on the Septuagint?

Pretty much anything you can get your hands on.

Number Nine

What Should I Read on New Testament Textual Criticism

This post points interested readers to where they can start and progress to.

Number Eight

BDAG vs. BrillDAG: Battle of the Greek Lexicons

This post from 2020 shows how BrillDAG can supplement what BDAG has to offer for NT word studies.

Number Seven

The Lexham English Septuagint and Its Place in History

Another 2020 post still going strong that offers a short history of English Septuagint translations.

Number Six

BDB vs. HALOT: Battle of the Hebrew Lexicons

A helpful comparison for the general user who wants to know the difference.

Number Five

Bad Moms of the Bible

This was a short devotional piece for Mother’s Day.

Number Four

Discourse Analysis of the New Testament Writings

“Everyone is a discourse analyst.” This is a book review of an excellent book.

Number Three

Do I Really Need a Logos 9 Base Package?

I use Logos and Accordance pretty much every day and love them both for different reasons.

Number Two

BDAG vs. Thayer: Battle of the Greek Lexicons

I’m not the only one who likes lexicons. This series comparing lexicons was pretty popular.

Number One

Are These the Last Days?

God doesn’t want us prognosticating, but God does have something He wants us to do, no matter what time we’re living in.

This timely post was on a short parable in Mark 13 was my most popular post for all of 2021.

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