Friday Favorites (24 JAN 20)

by | Jan 24, 2020 | Friday Favorites

Findings From Around The Web to Butter Your Grits

Timothy N. Mitchell at The Textual Mechanic explains how an ancient author could exercise control over a message by tasking their messenger to deliver an oral message along with their letter. 

Clint Archer at The Cripplegate says communion isn’t communion if you have too few or too many communicants (even if you’re on the moon). 

Archaeology World shares how tin uncovered by archaeologists in Israel was brought over from England 3,000 years ago. 

Well Said

God does not want to be worshipped in any other way than that which He Himself prescribed.

Martin Luther quoted in Worldly Saints, Leland Ryken, 112.

Book Recommendation

Alexander the Corrector: The Tormented Genius Who Unwrote the Bible by Julia Keay This is an excellent biography about the fascinating man behind Cruden’s Concordance. 

My Posts this Week

Book Review: Preaching for a Verdict by J. Josh Smith

Corn and Unicorns: Misleading Mental Representations from the KJV

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