Sunday Prayer (Psalm 149)

by | Jul 19, 2020 | Worship

Each Sunday, like most churches, we include corporate prayer as an important component of our worship service. I thought I would start sharing the ones I prepare for each week. The current plan is to just work backwards through the Psalms and adapting them to a prayer.

We praise you this day, Lord.

We are able to take pleasure in you because you take pleasure in your people.  

You’ve made salvation freely available to us at great cost to yourself.

You gave your Son. 

And, in response, we sing unto you a new song. 

We sing in response to the new joys and new hopes we experience everyday. 

We praise you in the congregation of the saints—as your worshippers. 

We rejoice in the God who gives physical life and spiritual life

We are joyful in our God and King.

We ask that you would receive our worship with pleasure.

That we would present ourselves humbly before you—the only one able to save.

Let us be joyful in your glory as we sing to you. 

Give us loud and joyful voices to sing your high praise from our hearts. 

Let our praises for you be in our mouth. Both when we experience times of peace and rest and when we experience times of difficulty and opposition. 

We know you, our just and righteous God, are always deserving of our praise because the victory is yours.


Brent Niedergall

Pastor, Grammarian, Runner

Brent Niedergall, MDiv, is Chief Editor at Positive Action for Christ in Whitakers, North Carolina. He’s gone to war in Afghanistan, felled towering trees, and parsed Greek verbs.


Brent Niedergall