Biblical Studies and the Internet Archive

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Biblical Studies

Here’s a helpful tip that might help when you’re looking for a book. A quick stop at the Internet Archive can save you a trip to the library or money. It might even provide access to a book you can’t seem to track down.

Last week alone, I was able to consult Gregory Thaumaturgos’ Paraphrase of Ecclesiastes and The Context of Scripture (vol. 2). I even read a little M. F. K. Fisher for fun.

I ended up ordering Thaumaturgos’ Paraphrase, but only after consulting it on the Internet Archive and recognizing its usefulness for my studies. You never know what you might be able to find. It’s even easier to search the holdings through

Feel free to comment with any useful books you come across.


Brent Niedergall

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Brent Niedergall, MDiv, is Chief Editor at Positive Action for Christ in Whitakers, North Carolina. He’s gone to war in Afghanistan, felled towering trees, and parsed Greek verbs.


Brent Niedergall